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    The North Quarter Creole Story

    The the story starts when Chef Goodwin was 5 years old in the kitchen at his Grandmom’s house. He was her prep cook peeling potatoes & carrots, and rolling out dumplings.

    His Grandmom raised him on Southern food, and although it might be considered unhealthy, Chef Goodwin’s opinion is that it’s the best in the world. He perfected her chicken and dumplings recipe and still makes it to this day. It’s the ultimate definition of comfort food. Ask about them!

    Chef Goodwin always knew he wanted to open his own restaurant, so he started up as a dishwasher at the age of thirteen. Soon thereafter he moved from short order cook to line cook. At 22, he stepped it up a notch and became a sous chef with inspiration from highly regarded professionals like James Berman and Zack Kresage.

    After working for several years and countless hours at Astra Zeneca as the production kitchen and catering manager, he decided to take the show on the road and start his own catering service.

    The Inspiration

    The delicious recipes from Chef Goodwin’s Grandmom influenced the original menu, and many of these items are still in use at North Quarter Creole. With his confidence levels peaking he started his first catering service, and learned quickly that it’s not an easy business. Paychecks weren’t guaranteed, and the hours were tougher than expected. Being a chef/owner wasn’t as glamorous as he thought it would be.

    So Chef Goodwin and his team altered their business plan and started CPGoodwins, and they were able to avoid many of the mistakes from the first business. It was all about home made food and great atmosphere. CPGoodwins was a big success and Chef Goodwin sold the business after four years.

    Chef Goodwin eventually met with BJ Harris the North Quarter Creole idea was born. BBQ & creole crossover. This was the type of food Chef Goodwin loved the most. After all, it was what he was raised on.

    Unfortunately, BJ Harris passed away on December 28, 2014 from brain cancer, and it served as great inspiration for Chef Goodwin to bring North Quarter Creole to its full potential. BJ was a leader and great person with strong family roots in New Orleans. Eventually BJ’s brother Brady stepped in to fill the void, but his passion and heart have lead to success from day one.